Is Your you’re Brick Chimney above your roof is starting to Crumble? 

Usually if the Top of a Chimney is starting to Crumble, this usually means the rest of the Chimney is Crumbling also.  Most times, this is caused by an Oversized Brick Chimney, causing the Furnace Exhaust not to vent properly.  If a Furnace is not Venting Properly, this causes the Furnace Exhaust to Condensate in the Chimney and eventually the Chimney will start to Crumble.  The most common cause of Chimney Crumbling is an 80% Furnace that was installed without a Chimney Liner in a Brick Chimney. 

Years ago, Chimney Liners were not required in Brick Chimneys when installing an 80% Furnace.  Since then, Furnace Manufacturers, and National Code Organizations have changed this to Require a Properly Sized Chimney Liner to be Installed for all 80% Furnaces.  They found that condensation usually occurs in Oversized Brick Chimneys, especially in Chimneys on the Outside of the house.  This condition will cause the Chimney to deteriorate over time, starting with the Mortar where the Stack Pipe enters the Chimney, and the Chimney Section above the roof. This condition will eventually create gaps in the Chimney Mortar and potentially allow Carbon Monoxide from the Furnace, and or, Water Heater to enter the house.

If caught in time, you can correct this problem by installing a Properly Sized Aluminum Flexible Chimney Liner for your Furnace & Water Heater.  This usually cost around $400 - $500 depending on the size and length of the Liner. 

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