HOME COMFORT - is our business

FOREST CITY SERVICE (Heating & Air Conditioning) was founded in 1974 by my Dad, Stan Johnson.  Dad was known by our customers, and especially his peers, as one of the most honest and hard working man they ever knew.  In 1999 Dad passed away, and I was faced with the challenge of filling his shoes.  The most important memorabilia that I kept of my Dads, was his work boots.  I figured if I had to fill them, I had to have them.

My Dad originally started Forest City Service as a Service Company, repairing Gas and Oil Furnaces, Boilers, and Air Conditioning.  In fact, we're one of the few companies left that still work on Oil Furnaces & Boilers.  Now we Install and Service Gas and Oil Furnaces, Boilers, Radiant Floor Heating Systems, GeoThermal Heating, Air Conditioning Systems, and Electrical (New Services, House Rewires, Generators, and any Electrical Upgrade your Home or Business needs)

Our main focus is on "HOME COMFORT".   Henry, one of our old time customers, asked me, "So you sell furniture too?"   Well, not exactly...  What we mean by "HOME COMFORT" is to use the Current Technology  and our Expertise to Install, and, or Improve your Heating / Air Conditioning / Electrical Systems, while making sure that they're as Efficient and Comfortable as possible.  

We offer several choices of Affordable, and Efficient Heating , Air Conditioning, Humidification, Air Cleaning and Air Treatment.  Radiant Floor Heat is by far the best, but also the most expensive.  Zoned Forced Air Systems offer the next best system, especially in 2 story homes.  We always look at our Customers needs and recommend the "Best Investment" for their home or property.   Sometimes that means installing the most affordable system, or the most advanced and expensive system made. 

As long as our Customers are happy, then we've done our job....That's really what we mean by HOME COMFORT.

Jim Johnson  8/2/08
is our business